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Ferreira Rosa

The Office

The FERREIRA ROSA ADVOGADOS law office was founded in January 2008. The team is composed of professionals whose careers were developed in renowned offices. The firm has a solid client portfolio and its action is directed towards business law as a whole.

The experience acquired after more than a decade of professional work of its members, enables FERREIRA ROSA ADVOGADOS to handle all the lawsuits submitted to the office. The work is developed in a spirit of teamwork and timeliness to handle the lawsuits, with the quality of the task always in mind.

The closeness to the clients and their respective legal departments allows the law office to always be in tune with the objectives and policies laid out. The law office also handles individuals, including in the areas of family and estate law, in addition to acting in fundamental sectors such as the succession and business planning of its clients.

The FERREIRA ROSA ADVOGADOS law office is structured so as to serve its clients regionally and nationally, with a network of correspondents that allows it to develop works throughout the country. It acts in states such as Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Amazonas, Pernambuco, among others.

It is a member of the Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados (Studies Center of Lawyer Societies) – CESA and of the American Chamber of Commerce – AMCHAM.

Registration office in OAB: 10.600.

Pérsio Thomaz Ferreira Rosa - Full Parner

Pérsio Rosa

Full Partner: Pérsio Thomaz Ferreira Rosa. A graduate of Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Estado de São Paulo – PUC/SP in 2000, he is a specialist in civil procedural law by COGEAE, linked to PUC/SP. Obtained a Masters degree in civil procedural law also at PUC/SP, adressing the subject of  the non-signatories before the arbitral convention: "Third Parties and the Arbitral Convention: Endeavour to build a system in light of brazilian private law". He took courses in continued education in administrative economic law and arbitration by EDESP, of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas de São Paulo/SP. LLM in Corporate Law at INSPER, having addressed the subject of ascertainment  of assets on dissolution of partnership before brazilian procedure civil code.

Member of the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBar), of the Arbitration Commission of the Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados (CESA). Member of IASP (INSTITUTO DOS ADVOGADOS DE SÃO PAULO). Member of CEAPRO (Centro de Estudos Avançados de Processo). Founder associate of Instituto de Direito Administrativo Sancionador - IDASAN. Acted as Assistant-professor of civil procedural law in the Law graduation program of PUC/SP.

Is skilled in several areas of action, which encompass all the segments necessary to serve companies. He was an associate attorney and partner in two other law offices in São Paulo. He has articles published in specialized magazines, and also in newspapers and periodicals. Acts in the areas of civil procedural law in general, arbitration law, and consultation areas in contracts, consumer and civil law in general.

Language: English and Italian | e–mail: persio.rosa@frosa.com.br | Phone/Fax: 55 11 3078-1599.

Raquel Garcia Martins Conde de Oliveira - Partner

Raquel Martins

Graduated from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas – FMU in the year of 2008, she is a specialist in Corporate Law from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo (2012). She is also a participant at the Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados (CESA).

Acts in the areas of civil procedural law in general, advisory contracts, consumer rights and civil rights in general and also in the labor rights area.

At the present moment she is attending the LLM studying Corporate Law at INSPER.

Language: English | e–mail: raquel.martins@frosa.com.br

Elisa Maria Lima Franco - Partner

Elisa Franco

Bachelor Science in Law at Law School of University Presbiteriana Mackenzie in 2012. Specialisation in Material and Procedural Labor Law at COGEAE, linked to PUC/SP in 2014. Specialisation in Commercial Law at Fundação Getúlio Vargas – GVlaw/FGV in 2017. MBA in Compliance for Labor Law and People Management by FGV in 2016. MBA in Agrarian Law at INSPER in 2017.

Acting in litigation assisting clients of several segments, especially in complex litigation of executives e estrategic businesses. In consulting deal with several matters such as implementation of remuneration policy, hiring and withdrawal agreements, creation of internal policies and codys of conduct, and deal with collective bargaining.

Language: English and Italian | e–mail: elisa.franco@frosa.com.br

Civil - Estate and Asset Planning

The FERREIRA ROSA ADVOGADOS law office acts in this traditional area of the law in an active and contemporary manner with the new trends in doctrine and jurisprudence. In this segment, the action extends to litigations in the areas of family and estate law.

The team of attorneys is experienced in operations based on a structural view in relation to the marital and asset status of its clients, also focused on estate planning.

With this, it intends to offer services that encompass integrated realities when addressing succession processes involving family companies, always alert to the tax implications of these operations.

Civil Litigion

The law office acts so as to protect its clients’ interests with security, agility and timeliness in the defense of their rights. The office works both in group litigation and in specific causes that demand a specific and highly specialized view.

The area encompasses segments of the law ranging from less complex causes, such as civil recovery in general and credit recovery, to administrative improbity suits and class actions involving consumer and environmental law. In this sense the office is aligned with the most up-to-date doctrine and jurisprudence of Brazilian Courts, with the purpose of providing assurance of the positions adopted and protecting the institutional image of the companies.

The law office acts in suits involving, in the procedural field, themes such as administrative improbity, tax, administrative, contractual, arbitration, customs and maritime law.

All this range enables the FERREIRA ROSA ADVOGADOS law office to defend its clients in the most diverse areas of Law and faced with the most varied scenarios and contexts.


The law office acts in the negotiation segment and in the preparation of contracts submitted to it in an orderly and joint fashion with the companies and their legal departments, aligned with the objectives proposed.

The action of FERREIRA ROSA ADVOGADOS ranges from traditional contracts that are part of the day-by-day of the companies, to complex instruments that address several areas of Law.

The experience in litigation also allows having a more encompassing and complete view in the contractual area, formatting the contracts so as to remedy the existing risks, always defending the contractual position of its clients.

Arbitration Law

The office is experienced in arbitration law, and has acted in cases involving multidisciplinary areas of Law, as well as issues of relevance in the national scenario and which became leading cases.

The arbitration causes sometimes also involve judicial proceedings, so that the action is always strategic and performed so as to preserve the interests at stake and promptly respond to the needs that the cases claim.

Labor Law and Labor Procedural Law

Protection of the companies and assurance in assuming positions. Care in the preparation of the line of defense and focus on reduction of costs. The office acts in group suits and also in specific issues of Labor Law, in addition to assistance in to delicate issues linked to the policy of the companies in relation to their employees.

Tributos - Processo e Consultoria

The diversity of rules and continuous instability of tax policy, together with the urgent need of the companies to focus their attention on containing costs, cause the office to act directed to assurance in assuming positions.

In the litigation area, FERREIRA ROSA ADVOGADOS acts in a manner so that the procedural instruments enable the defense of its clients without burdening the productive activity.